Let’s try this blog thing again

I haven’t posted anything for quite a while — the thesis wasn’t going to write itself — so I’m going to make another stab at this. In the meantime, some short observations:

1. Looking back at old posts, I probably stopped writing because I was worrying too much about writing rigorously enough. That’s not stall what I do in person, so I’ll try to loosen the writing up a bit. I might then finish the next PCA post some time in the next two years.

2. There’s a decent backlog of mathematical ideas I can write about. I went on an input-output economics and central place theory kick for a little while. The short postdoc I’ve been doing has introduced me to some aspects of applied statistics, such as sensitivity analysis, and how irritating MCMC is to tune. The thesis is done and will soon be freely available online, so I can try to write about that a bit too.

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